Party Inflatables

Party Inflatables

Using Party Inflatables to Make Your Event Stand Out From the Rest

Whether it’s a party to celebrate a birthday, holiday, or any other notable event, you’ll want to make it an enjoyable and memorable time for all. One unique way to accomplish this is by using party inflatables to add some flair and excitement to your party. There are many options available today for every type of party imaginable. Finding out what to choose for an event, the cost involved, and where to purchase it are some questions people planning an event may have.

party inflatables with slides and bouncers

One of the most common types of events that work well with party inflatables are birthday parties. The presence of an inflatable at a child’s birthday can make the different between a lackluster and boring event to one that people will be talking about for months. For events that will be held outside, a bounce house is a great choice. These allow children to jump around, and enjoy themselves in a safe environment. To add some additional excitement, there are some outdoor inflatables that even incorporate a water slide. Another choice is an inflatable obstacle course that allows children to climb over and under various soft obstacles without the risk of injury. Inflatables can even be used as a unique and long lasting party favor in the form of child sized swords, bats, and even light sabers.

There are other types of party inflatables that go nicely with a particular theme such as a Hawaiian themed party for example. Using inflatable palm trees whether life sized or smaller ones to go on the tables can really add a tropical feel to the event. There are also other specialty items that can be used such as inflatable coolers in the shape of a treasure chest or inflatable limbo sticks for the children that may be attending the event.

One great place to find a good assortment of smaller sized inflatables would be your local party store. These stores typically have themed sections which include the items necessary for that type of event. For example, if you are having a Hawaiian themed event, you’ll find the store’s complete selection of tropical related inflatables right at your fingertips. You can also check online for stores that offer party items. Many times you can find a good deal for items you would buy in bulk such as children’s party favors. Typically the smaller inflatables can cost around $2 a piece.

If you are interested in one of the larger party inflatables such as a bounce house or obstacle course, some of the major toy stores or discount department stores will offer these items especially during the summer season. This size of inflatable can cost from around $200 to $400. Online sites, such as is another good place to check, and you may get a better deal. If you don’t want to invest in such a purchase, you can also look into renting the inflatable for the day.

If you want to create an event that people will be talking about long after it’s over, then you definitely need to consider purchasing party inflatables for your next memorable occasion.


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